Pancakes kick off Commuter Challenge

June 3, 2005

    McMaster's commuter heroes, recognized at this morning's pancake breakfast. Click here for full size. Photo credit: Chantall Van Raay
While McMaster President Peter George flipped flapjacks, Commuter Heroes were recognized for helping the environment through sustainable transportation.

Commuter Heroes are individuals nominated by their fellow employees and students for their ongoing commitment to sustainable and active transportation.

A pancake breakfast this morning (Friday) launched McMaster's participation in the National Commuter Challenge, taking place June 5-11, 2005.

The McMaster community is encouraged to pledge to participate in the Challenge. When you "pledge" you're making a commitment to do one of three things:

  • try an alternative to driving alone at least one day during the Challenge
  • continue what you always do--ride the bus, walk, cycle or rideshare
  • do your share after work hours or on the weekend, or do something to make your car-commute more environmentally friendly during the week (drive the posted speed limit, properly inflate your car tires, get a tune-up, avoid idling when not in traffic, etc.)

McMaster President serves pancakes to, from left, Alicja Siek, Lynne Taylor and Patty Weibe. Photo credit: Chantall Van Raay

Pledge to participate in the Challenge by filling out an online form at or by approaching an enthusiastic department co-ordinator. Click here for a list of co-ordinators.

Those serving up pancakes this morning included Peter George, M.P. Russ Powers and MSU president Tommy Piribauer. At serving shift change, vice-president administration Karen Belaire took over with the help of Ward One councillor Brian McHattie.