New HR system set to launch in one month

By Sheldon Smart, September 29, 2014

In one month McMaster will move to its new human resources system, bringing with it a range of changes that will touch every employee.

As part of Mosaic, McMaster will implement PeopleSoft’s Human Capital Management system on October 20. The new system will replace several legacy systems, including MacVIP. The new system will include functions for time entry, payroll, and health and safety tracking.

The new system and its modules (see previous Daily News story for details) will include a number of new features and changes which will be highly visible to McMaster employees:

  • Pay statements will be delivered electronically rather than on paper for most employee groups.
  • Future Health and Safety tracking will be done electronically
  • Employee and student number systems will be merged (see earlier article)
  • Employees will be able to view their  benefits and beneficiary information

(The websites/systems used to access McMaster’s benefits providers, such as Sun Life, will NOT change)

To help the McMaster community make the changeover, the project team has released a detailed schedule explaining when current systems are shutting down and what steps need to be completed, including the last day to submit HR transactions and time data in the old system.

Training for the new HR system has already begun. Individuals will receive invitations to training that matches their future role in the system (e.g. departmental time keepers receive time entry training). Electronic guides to simple tasks, such as viewing an electronic pay statement will be distributed nearer the system launch date.

Detailed user support plans are being finalized and will be announced before the system launch.