Mosaic post-HR launch support

October 10, 2014

When the next phase of Mosaic launches on October 20, McMaster will reinvent both its HR system and its method of supporting system users.

With new software and administrative processes for functions such as time entry, payroll, and health and safety tracking, the HR system is likely to generate many questions, particularly during the first couple pay cycles, as users become familiar with the new time entry system.

The revised support system increases support at the department and unit level. It is the project’s goal that end users have someone in their larger unit that they can turn to for help.

To that end the project has recruited and trained dozens of super users  from within McMaster, distributed throughout the University, who will provide end users with guidance on issues related to time management, recruitment and general navigation. [A complete list, organized by Faculty will be posted on the “Support” tab at on October 20.]  If super users encounter questions they can’t answer, they have access to a second tier of support within the HR area offices. Further levels of support will be engaged as needed.  The support team is also utilizing a new issues tracking system for logging issues and providing feedback to users.

Standard HR issues or confidential inquiries regarding pay and benefits should continue to be directed to your HR area office.

When the system launches, the central starting point for support information will be the Mosaic portal under the “Support” tab (which will be updated with HR information on launch day at  The “Support” tab will recommend the following steps.


1)    Start by reviewing the orientation and training activities as well as the self-help materials (tips and tricks, FAQs, etc.).

2)    If the first step cannot resolve your challenge, contact the most appropriate support group:


  1. Questions about using the new HR system (e.g. how to perform a task, which fields to use, etc.) should be directed to the HR super user in your area.
  2. Standard HR questions (e.g. a pay error or address change) should be directed to your appropriate HR area office, either the Faculty of Health Sciences HR office (ext. 22207), the HR Service Centre (ext. 22247) at, or for graduate student payments the School of Graduate Studies (ext. 23679).
  3. Problems accessing the system (e.g. MAC ID doesn’t login; incorrect permissions in the system) should be directed to the UTS Service desk at ext. 24357

Support will be available from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on University business days.