Mayors, athletics directors place friendly wager on Marauders-Gryphons games

October 28, 2016

Much more than school pride will be at stake this weekend when the McMaster Marauders clash with the Guelph Gryphons in a total of five games, held Friday and Saturday.

The respective Athletic Directors of the two schools and Mayors of the cities have agreed to a friendly wager on the outcome of the five OUA games.

Taking place in Hamilton will be the OUA Women’s Rugby Championship Final, OUA Quarter Final Football and the start of the OUA Volleyball Season. Back in Guelph the Gryphon Men’s Soccer Team will be hosting a Quarter Final game.

  • OUA Women’s Rugby Championships: Guelph @ McMaster (Fri, Oct. 28 – 7PM)
  • OUA Quarter Final Football: Guelph @ McMaster (Sat, Oct. 29 – 4PM)
  • OUA Regular Season Volleyball Opener: Guelph @ McMaster (Fri, Oct. 28 – 6, 8PM)
  • OUA Men’s Soccer Quarter Finals: McMaster @ Guelph (Sun, Oct. 29 – 3PM)

University of Guelph Director of Athletics, Scott McRoberts and City of Guelph Mayor, Cam Guthrie have issued a challenge to McMaster Athletic Director Glen Grunwald and Hamilton Mayor Fred Eisenberger. The friendly wager is over which school produces more wins. 

If the Marauders earn more wins than the Gryphons in the five games, Grunwald and Eisenberger will enjoy a craft beer from Wellington Brewery. Should the Gryphons win the bet, McRoberts and Guthrie will be enjoying a glass of craft beer from ‘Shawn & Ed Brewing Company’ in Dundas.

Tickets for all of the games at McMaster can be purchased online at or at the box office.