Fed budget invests in students and research

June 6, 2011

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The federal government re-introduced its budget Monday and the plan, like its
March predecessor, sets forth new funding for several key university initiatives. The
government's initial 2011 budget was introduced March 22, before the federal election
was called.

Included in the June 6 budget are increased investments for the three federal
granting councils and other new funds to support research.

"These new investments are important and most welcome," says McMaster
President Patrick Deane. "There is great potential and opportunity for McMaster in the
government's new funding for indirect costs of research, increased investments in
neuroscience and support for learning and research in the digital economy."

Budget highlights that impact universities include:

- An additional $37 million for the granting councils starting in 2011-12 ($15
million to NSERC, $15 million for CIHR and $7 million for SSHRC - a higher share for
SSHRC than in previous years)

- A $10 million increase for the indirect costs of research

- A $53.5 million commitment to 10 new Canada Excellence Research Chairs with
some of these focused on fields relevant to Canada's Digital Economy Strategy

- Improving commercialization and supporting demonstration of new technologies
in the marketplace by supporting research links between universities, colleges and

- Allocating up to $100 million to help establish a Canada Brain Research Fund

- Enhancing and expanding eligibility for Canada Student Loans and Grants for
part- time and full-time post-secondary students through an additional $34 million a
year, once fully implemented

- $60 million over the next three years to promote increased student enrolment in
key disciplines related to the digital economy

Budget 2011 also provides $10 million over two years to develop and implement an
international education strategy that will reinforce Canada as a destination for students
to study and a country of choice to conduct world-class research.

"We're very pleased to see this government honouring its commitment to Canada's
universities as initially presented in the spring budget," said Association of Universities
and Colleges of Canada President Paul Davidson. "With a four-year mandate, the federal
government has a meaningful opportunity to position Canada as a leader in research,
discovery and innovation through investment in our university sector."

Additional information on the budget can be found href="http://www.budget.gc.ca/2011/plan/toc-tdm-eng.html">here


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