Admission portion of Mosaic will be 'electronic gateway' for all future students

By Sheldon Smart, November 18, 2014

It’s a cornerstone of McMaster’s new student administration system, but most current students, faculty and staff will never see it.

This week, Mosaic launched the admissions portion of McMaster’s new student administration system. This system will become the electronic gateway through which all future McMaster students will pass.

The system will be introduced gradually to match the undergraduate application cycle for the next academic year. Beginning this week, staff in Enrolment Services will begin using the system to process applications that have been submitted through the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre. In a few weeks, Faculty offices will begin using the new system to review applicants. At the beginning of December, the first wave of acknowledgement letters will be emailed to applicants who will be invited to check the status of their application using a new applicant portal.

“The coming year will be filled with milestone accomplishments as we adopt the new student administration system, but this first step marks an important transition moment from possibility to reality. Congratulations to both the team and those from across the University who have contributed and worked hard to get the system to this point,” said Provost and Vice-President (Academic) David Wilkinson.

“This is an exciting week for McMaster, for several years, applicants have asked for an online method to check the status of their application. McMaster will now join its peer institutions in offering this capability,” added Melissa Pool, University Registrar.

With 40,000 applicants a year, the new system will quickly have a lot of work to do. Early next year, graduate student applications will be added to the admissions system.

Front page image by Ben Rea.